American Girl Duct Tape Doll Capes

When you have doll this becomes a must thing that you get yourself loaded with the accessories, dresses and clothes of your dol. As from time to time you can change the looks of your doll by the help of changing her shoes, accessories, and clothes.

In this mater this is required that you can select from countless ideas of the duct tape projects for your dolls, as they are cheap to make plus you can also very easily have them done and made on your own too.

Here we will talk about the American girl duct tape doll capes that you can use for the character making of your doll, as many characters in the cartoons are seen wearing the capes. You can also personalize your capes by the help of adding the strips of other duct tape colors in it.

For making the right American girl duct tape doll capes you need to measure the height of your doll, and then make the cape in a rectangular shape so that it can be given the effect of flying.
You can use the dark colors of the duct tape for the capes as they look better then the light colors of the duct tape.

Duct Tape Doll Capes 2

Duct Tape Doll Capes 3

Duct Tape Doll Capes