Duct Tape Ipod Nano Case

The duct tape ipod nano case is one of those duct tape crafts that are now one of the most loved duct crafts by the people all over.

You can make your own ipod nano case by the help of the simple techniques that are required to make the Ipod nano case. First of all select the color combination, the style and the pattern that you want to use for your ipod nano case.

There are many patterns and colors of the duct tape that are easily available in the market that you can choose from. Such as the combination of the brow in color cheetah pattern with the light pink look really well on the ipod nano case.

Trying other color combination on your ipod nano case will also lighten up the Ipod nano look, you can also use any other color combination or setting of the duct tape cut outs that you have in your own mind as this all depends on your own imagination. Having the color strips of the duct tp on any dull background will also make your Ipod nano case beautiful.

Duct Tape Ipod Case

Duct Tape Ipod Nano Case 2

Duct Tape Ipod Nano Case 3

Duct Tape Ipod Nano Case 5

Duct Tape Ipod Nano Case