Duct Tape Notebook Cover Ideas

Among the other duct tape crafts that you can use to add some extra beauty in your stationary goods the duct tape notebook cover, is one of the crafts that are one the top.

By the duct tape notebook cover you can make your notebook of a whole new dimension. There are several other ways that can work for you if you are not satisfied by the plain cover of the duct tape on your notebook. As you can add the extra cut outs of the duct tape on your notebook cover.

On the other hand you can also sue the duct tape in such an order that each of the strip of the duct tape can work as the single line on the note book cover. Like as you can use the pattern one and then you can use the plain one and likewise the circle can go all along.

Once you have made the notebook cover then you can decorate it more also by the help of adding some stickers and cut outs of the duct tape. Otherwise if you are a girl then you can add the duct tape flowers and butterflies with the gems and studs on your notebook to look more beautiful.

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