DIY American Girl Doll Shoes Tutorial

We all love our dolls, and also we do like to create some stuff that can add that extra oomph factor to their clothing also, like as the outfits and wardrobes too. For this purpose the little girls almost try so many different things that can help them to do so. Making some addition in the collection of the shoes that they will have is also a great options, as by this you can have a collection of the footwear that will almost match every single wardrobe that you have in your dolls closet, so here as a help we are giving you a tutorial of that shoes that will make you feel happy and make your doll look chic also.
The things that you will need for the shoes for your doll are scissors, cardboard, duct tape, you can try different colors of the duct tape also, and marker to mark the cardboard and at last you will need the doll shoes also.
Now the procedure is that, first of all take the dolls shoes and trace them on the cardboard by the help of the marker.
You can make a rough shape as this will get covered by the duct tape, so the mistakes will get covered.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 1
After marking the shape of the shoes, just use the scissors and cut out those two pieces for the shoes.
Once you have two pikes of the shoe base, you will have to cover them by the help of the duct tape, use the dark color for it as this will add the good factor.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 2
When you have the cardboard pikes covered then cut out the 5 inch piece of the duct tape to make the rest of the shoe of your doll.
Take different color for it to have well contrasting colors.
Fold it half in width as shown in the picture, this will make the strap of the shoes.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 3
Now take another small piece of the duct tape and use that to paste the strip on the lower back of the cardboard piece.
Similarly paste the other end also on that side too by the help of the duct tape.
Try making that piece of the duct tape tight on the lower part by adding more strips of the duct tape on that area, so that it won’t come out.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 4
Like as shown in this picture.
At last you can cover this mess by the help of the same duct tape that you used to cover the cardboard piece.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 5
This is the last look of the shoes that you have made.
diy American girl shoes tutorial 6Images Via:

Now you can try that on your doll also, and your doll is ready to rock in her new slippers that you made for her. You can also try different styles and patterns for making different styles of your dolls shoes. This craft of the duct tape will surely add a good factor in your collection that you have made for your doll.