DIY Duct Tape Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial

Having a well collection of the dresses is desired by every girl, but when a girl owns a doll, especially to quote which is the barbie doll then there are no limits. The grills owning the barbie doll literally wants unlimited accessories for her barbie doll that she can make use in the matter of making the look better of her doll, these accessories for the doll includes the dresses, small extra details, belts, bags and shoes. Other important accessories for the doll are the hair accessories. Now enough said, lets talk about the dresses that you can make for your cute little barbie doll. Here are the things girls you can use the duct tape.

Here is a detail on how to make a duct tape dress for your doll.

The things that you will need for your duct tape Barbie dress are the duct tape, scissors, Barbie doll for sure, small decorations, or accessories and a measuring tape and ruler also, so that you may not the figures wrong.

Now lets start.

DIY Duct Tape Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial 1

Take four strips of the duct tape and assign them all over in a straight line.

The duct tape does not stay strict once so make sure that you are just using the duct tape from both sides. Make sure that you use the scissors or even cutter for making the well duct tape out.

DIY Duct Tape Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial 2

Now cut four more strips of the duct tape, which will go straight on the previous four strips, so make sure you cut them out in the right size also.

Once you have cut the strips take them and paste them on the sticky back side of the previous four strips of the duct tape.

If you like then you can also make one large sheet of the duct tape and then fold that so that sticky sides get stick to each other, but make sure that you are in the right direction of making the strips look also.

Afterwards trim the edges of the sheet that you have made by two different sheets of the duct tape, so that the look of your fabric like duct tape in order to make your duct tape dress well.

Now according to the size of your Barbie doll dress, cut the piece put from the basic sheet of the duct tape.

DIY Duct Tape Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial 3

Now once you have the cut out of your dress, you can accessorize it further also, by the help of the duct tape cut outs or even other small accessories also.

In this dress I have used the silver duct tape that goes pretty with the pink and black pattern of the duct tape, you can try different things on your own also.

Now try that dress on your Barbie doll, to see if any modification is required or not.

You can make the duct tape belt to pin your duct tape dress like this.

DIY Duct Tape Barbie Doll Dress Tutorial 4

So here is your Barbie doll dress ready from tip to toe, and your doll is ready to rock too.

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