DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings Tutorial

Well girls this is the good thing that you can get by the simple use of the duct tape crafts as there are so many different ideas that you can use in the matter of using for yourself. Yes here we are talking about the crafts that can be used by you such as the glamorous jewelry that you can make on your own and the good thing is that, this is super easy to make while the things that you will need for them are also very easy to find also.

Well here we are talking about the earrings crafts that you can very easily make by the simple use of the duct tape at your own home. So if you have a big stock of the duct tape at your hand and one day you are thinking that what you should make out of that duct tape collection, the you will be happy to know that there are so many options that you can choose by the help of this tutorial. Oh yes this Is the feather earrings that are made by the help of the duct tape, they are super easy to create also. So let us get started.

For your duct tape earrings you will need the following:

Duct tape, but I have used the neon duct tape, here I have used the neon colors but you can also use any color that goes according to your choice as this is not a super supper rule that you stick to so get your choice.

A pair scissors

Wire, you can sue the copper wires that can be used as the stocking crafts also.

A pencil this will be form making the outlines.

You will need the hooks, but you can also use the old ones also.

Now let us start making the duct tape feather earrings.

DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings Tutorial

First of all you will have to fold 6 inches of the duct tape to the other sticky side of the duct tape as this will be used as one feather for your earrings of the feathers. Now do the same for your other earring also.

Now take those two pieces in front of yours. As now you will need the pencil to make the shape of the feathers on this pike of the duct tape that you have cut of the duct tape.

Keep your hand very light when you are doing so as of you get that wrong there is no going back, so keep a watch.

Now when you have the shape of the feather make sure that you have a long tips on them also as they will be used t put the hooks on to it as if there is no space then your earrings are still incomplete.

Now once you have done that cut that out also

So moving forwards cut out the rough feathers from the six inches strips of the duct tape, that should be clean in the shape.

Now by leaving a little space in the centre of the feathers you will have to put small cuts as they will give the sense of the feathery shape on your earrings make sure that you leave some space in the centre also as if you go over you might end up cutting your earring s as this has happened to me.

This should be in the upwards direction.

Now just fold the earring from side to side to side that the feathers that you have created will get a accurate shape also. This is important so do not forget that.

DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings Tutorial 2

Now your earrings are ready, just you will have to add the hooks to them you are ready to wear them and rock. For doing so you will need the copper wires and the hooks that you will have to use.

Grab the wires and cut them in to 3 inches long pieces and just start wrap them around the stem of your earrings, this is a tricky part but this is the base of your earrings guys.

You can use any tweezers to take them to the exact place also, as this is a little tricky to do make sure that you do not end up hurting yourself also.

Now when the wrapping is done just attach the hook and make a little bend at the end of the ire so that they do not go off their place also.

DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings Tutorial 3

Now you can create as much as you want, you can also create the double and the triple feathers earrings also as they are super in the looks, you will have to use the contriving colors for the, and they can go with any of your outfits so that you know are like a investment for you. Make them for yourself or you can also give away them also.

DIY Duct Tape Feather Earrings Tutorial 4
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