DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap Instructions

In the countless craft that can be made especially those that can be made very easily are the ones that are especially in more use these are the craft that are made by the help of using simple yet very easy to find so here we will tell you a craft that can be used by in the matter of gifting. As you may know that so many of the crafts can be used for the matter of gifting and occasional giveaways.

If you are familiar with the term of the diy duct tape crafts that will be a lot easier for you to make these crafts, so let’s get started.

Here we will be telling you that how you can make the duct tape gift wrap it is not difficult at all as you will need just a few supplies to make that, and I am sure at the end while you will have this duct tape gift wrap in your hands you will be very much proud of your own creation for sure.

For the diy duct tape gift wrap you will need the:

Duct tape , any color as it depends upon your own choice, you can use the one colored duct tape color or you can also use the printed ones too.

The craft paper, use any color that is available to you

A pair of sharp scissors

Hot glue, gun with it also. Any other glue can be used but depends that how much time it takes to dry off.

Simple tape, it should be transparent without any color.

Now let us get started to make the duct tape gift wrap.

First of all you will have to wrap your gift wrap in the craft paper make sure that you do that right, fill in the sharp edges you can use the edges of the scissors to do that too. Make the folding right at the intersections of the gift box and then move on to wrapping the gift box with the craft paper.

The craft paper can be found at any time of the year, that is originally present in the light brown color that is also known as the khaki color also.

Now the next step is that you have to paste the duct tape in two crises cross sections on your wrapped gift box so that is becomes like a ‘’x’’ shape on your box.

Once the making of the gift box is done that includes the wrapping of the craft paper and the duct tape x on it you can move towards the making of the duct tape bow that will go on the cover of your gift box.


For making the ribbon of the duct tape for your duct tape gift box you will have to paste a long section of the duct tape on your single sheet of the craft paper make sure that the duct tape is pasted on the sheet of the craft paper very firmly so that there are no bubbles of the air present on that parts of the sheet of the crafts paper.


Now once you are done doing that you will have to very carefully cut that duct tape section from your craft sheet that has got the back side of the duct tape as the craft sheet paper.


Do this after smoothing out the duct tape.

Now start to cut the duct tape section from the sheet of the craft paper and take that with you.


make sure that no edges of the craft paper are being shown from the log strip of the duct tape that you have cut.


Once you have cut the strips, now fold that into half section, and make sure that you have let a folding mark, as this will be the spot where you will stick the both ends of the duct tape strip for making the duct tape bow for your duct tape gift box.


Now put the drop of the glue on to it and then firmly put the both ends of the duct tape strip on to the glue and press that end for some seconds so that the both sections should stay at their place.

Now it will look like this.

DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap Instructions

Now you will have to create the knot of duct tape ribbon onto the ribbon bow.

DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap Instructions

Just use the original width of the duct tape and cut enough pieces by rough estimate that can be used on the bow for making the effect that it has got a knot onto it.

DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap Instructions 9

At the back end of the knot of the now put a glue drop so that it stays at it place.

Now the last steps comes here.

Now you will just have to paste the duct tape bow on your duct tape gift box, by the help of the hot glue.

DIY Duct Tape Gift Wrap Instructions 10
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