DIY Duct Tape Play Masks For Toddlers Tutorial

Making the different diy crafts for the young ones is actually a very great thing that you can go through, well by the help of the duct tape there are countless crafts that you can very easily produce and plus the other good thing is that they go really light and easy on your budget also. Well in the long list of the crafts for the kids the ones that can be used by the toddlers have their separate importance at all as such crafts really look very well on the kids, as when the walk in their pride by wearing such crafts.

Well by the help of the duct tape you can actually create countless diy things, as that depends upon your own imagination, even if you have seen something at any place by the help of adding some simple changes on your own you can add some good touch to the crafts also.

Here I will tell you how you can by the help of the duct tape diy marvelous play masks for the toddlers, as this is super easy and the good thing is that they are very comfortable and soft and long lasting also, so once you invest in them you won’t be sad, as this is like a well investment.

Duct Tape Play Masks For Toddlers

First of all let us talk about that what you will need in order to make them, as having the supplies is the first important thing in this.

Duct tape, mask template that you can make of the paper or also by the help of the cardboard too. Next some pen or marker or any other pen or pencil will also work. You will also need the elastic and the grommets.

Duct Tape Play Masks For Toddlers 2

As shown in the pictures you may have a rough idea that is enough for making the sketch.

Now let us start making the craft.

First of all cut the strips of the duct tape that will be used as the basic of the play mask.

Now once you have made a rough sketch of the mask, you will have to cut that down on the duct tape sheet as that will be used as the front o the play mask.

Now make one hole at the both sides of the mask and that will be sued to put in the elastic band.

Make sure that you have cut the edges very smoothie as this can also hurt the face, try making the holes for the eye spaces a little larger as that will be a lot of beneficial for your all over look of the play mask for the toddler craft.

You can try different ideas for boys and girls and try different patterns of the duct tape in different colors, as kids are too much into the stuff that customizes their personality.

Here are few of the samples that you can use for the matter of making different play masks In the kids crafts all over. Adding the cut outs of other duct tape, and glitter detailing is also a good idea.

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