DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial

Who is not in love with the flowers and everything that is almost attached to them well I cannot say or quote anyone who is not so as far as this goes flowers are wonderful. When you are paling to gift anything the one thing that is just like as important as the basic of the gift is the gift toper and the basic presentation of the gift that you have got. So in this matter this is also very important that you should know that how you should present a gift that you have bought as the first impression is like the first strike of your emotions all over.

So here I will be telling you a very cute and yet very easy to make gift topper that you can use in the matter of gifting as well you think that the gift topper is pretty more beautiful than the actual gift inside, as this is the beautiful poinsettia. It is super easy to make, and know this to that among the so many other duct tape crafts this is like the beauty where you can create the flowers out of them, well this does not only includes the duct tape but you will also have to get other supplies also.

So now let us start making the duct tape craft of the poinsettia flower that is super easy and fun to make, for the poinsettia you will need the following.

Clear and yet tacky glue

Gold or yellow colored beads for the centre you can also try any other.

A pair of scissors.

A brad.

A hole punch.

Green acrylic paint, and primer or you can also use the green duct tape also.

Red duct tape or white duct tape.

Foil lid, this is the base of the petals as this is the peats actually.

Poinsettia ye or also the template.

Now let us start making the craft of the duct tape poinsettia.

DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial

First of all you will have to cover the inner part of the foil lid by the help of applying the duct tape on it, make sure that there are no air bubbles on the duct tape, as if there are some just try to smooth them out by the help of using the mild touch of your hands. The inner section is actually pretty easy to work with as that is all flat so I do and also recommend that you should use that too.

DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial 2

Keep covering the whole of the lid until it is totally covered by the duct tape.

Once you are done covering the lid of the foil by the duct tape you can move forward to making the petals out of it. This is the most fun part as I love it.

Make sure that you draw the petals of the poinsettia right on the foil duct tape sheet as once you have cut it cannot be reverse. You should first try your hands at the rough paper, and try making the petals in different sizes such as you can see in the basic arrangement of the natural flowers so that te Poinsettia that you have made looks actually look real, well that is actually not but this is the way how you should make the flowers.

Now once you have cut the petals out for making your Poinsettia you can move forward by making the shape of the petals as a little depth in them will make your Poinsettias more attractive all over.

This will give your petals and the flowers a real 3d effect as this is actually fun to listen too.

 DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial 3

Take a look at the picture above and you will notice that how it is actually made. You will have piece by piece shape the petals as this is a actual thing that you should do.

Now do the effecting step by step.

You will have to use the brad and the other tools for doing so.

Once you are done while affecting all your petals you will have to attach them one by one to the basic shape of the petals.

For doing so you will have to make the use of the glue for. Just be very careful while you are doing the attachment of the petals.

Once you are done with the attachment you can add the gems on the centre of the flower that you have made an and the green duct tape or the colored leaves to the flower.

DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial 4

You can cut the leaves for the flower or you can use the duct tape for that also.

Now the last step is that you will have to add the flower of the duct tape to the gift box and viola you are done with the gift topper that you have made, this is perfect for the gift always also, and you can also try it all over as a gift too, as this is really well.

DIY Duct Tape Poinsettia Gift Topper Tutorial 5
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