DIY Halloween Duct Tape Doormat Tutorial

Creating different crafts for the Halloween is like a magical thing that all of us want to do and have at one time or at any other, the reason can differ from person to person but the cause cannot as who not loves the spooky look of the Halloween? Well for sure everybody does. Well now if you are looking for anything that will make your DIY Halloween project look better we have some great idea for you. This is like up cycling but you will love the last craft that you will get. You will just need few things for creating this magical doormat, but surely the last results will make you go blazing.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat

The things that you will need for creating your duct tape doormat are the doormat for sure, you can try any other old in your home, or if desperate you can also use a new one, but that will not be the up cycling for sure. Other than that bright colors of the duct tape, such as the green orange and off white, in this tutorial we have used the orange, black, and white, white is for the extra detailing you will see. Scissors also.

Now let us start Halloween Duct Tape Doormat Tutorial.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 2

Well once you have all your supplies for your craft just search for any image that you can make on your doormat such as any clipart of the Halloween will work or if you want to be super creative then you can use the own design also.

Use any software to make your picture colorless and try making the image of your DIY doormat size also, but on the other hand you can also try any cut out from the poster and also any magazine cut out also.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 3

Now cover the doormat all over with the duct tape, make sure that you make your hand tight while doing this, as any mistake will not get recovered, as the duct tape is super sticky at all.

Once you are done just tuck in the edges of the duct tape on the lower back of the mat so you won’t leave any sticky side away.

 Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 4

Now start using the layers of the dark duct tape on your image to create the clip art, afterwards you will be using this image on the doormat of yours.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 5

When all the images are covered with the duct tape cut that out by the help of the cutter or even by the help of the scissors also. Make sure you do not make any mistake at all.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 6

Now just stick or paste that image that you have cut out from the image and make the last step all over.

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 7All Images Via:

Really cool, now you can add extra strips on the ends of the image of your DIY doormat craft as this will add a little bit highlight n your image and clipart also.

Adding any word or description on your door mat craft will enlighten the look of your duct tape doormat craft.