DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair

In the daily life we come across to see countless crafts that are now being made by the help of the duct tape. The good thing is that these crafts that are made out by the help of the duct tape are not only well for the decorative purposes but are also very great when you are willing to make their use in your actual daily life routine, well how so?? Just think of a char and a hammock that can be made by the help of the duct tape.

Now if you are a country lover then you will surely love the colors of the white, red and blue, among the stripes and the stars on it. Well surely you will love a craft that is made out of the magical duct tape and sure that you can use that too. Here we are talking about the duct tape stapes and stars lawns chair that is super easy to make and plus it will look great in your lawn too. You can create a single piece of the chair or you can create a set of two or six also for your lawn, well this is so exciting so let us get started to make our craft project.

So let us get us started, for this diy duct tape stripes and start lawn chair you will need the following:

A chair for sure, you will just have to use the frame of the chair.

Duct tape in the colors of the red, blue and white.

Rust proof spray to cover the chair with it so that the duct tape stays at its place at the right kind.

Now let us start making this lawn chair craft for sure.

First of all you will have to clean your entire chair by the help of the rough cloth, as you will have to paint all of your chair with the rust proof spray.

DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair

Start with the one light coat and make sure that when it Is completely dry then you move towards the making the other coat on the chair. You can apply three coats so that it gets a perfect matte and glossy mix kind of the finish on itself.

DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair 2

Now you wall have to wait until the coats are completely dry so that you can move to adding the stripes on the lawn chair, once the coats gets dry you can move to the other step of yours.

In the mean time you can measure the measurements of the chair as the stripes should be as exact as the basic size of your lawn chair guys.

To the basic size of the chair you will have to add three inches all over as this will be used as the back support of your chair all over, well this is fun for sure.

DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair 3

Stick the sticky sides up but not on the chair of the duct tape as you can add another layer of the duct tape also on this stripe layer of the duct tape but this will come after for sure.

Know this rule that the more layers you add the less stretch will be there and the more strength will be present on the lawn chair of yours surely you will have to keep the chair away from the heat and the cuts for sure.

You can repeat the steps of the duct tape stripes unless you are satisfied by the stripes of the chair all over this is done know this that you are half way to the base of your chair.

Now the red part is done you can use the white here too, but that is totally your choice.

Now in the same manner you will have to add the other stripes but that will be in the crossing section and direction of the already present duct tape stripes on the chair. Make sure that while you are doing so you are also creating a weaving effect as this will add a boost to the design and will also make your chair more strong, so you can sit on it easily while having not this thought in your mind that you will for sure fall down.

Now comes the stars, for sure you will have to cut them also out from the duct tape as you can use a draft for doing so also. Once you are done cutting the stars you can add them on the chair as well also.

DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair 4
DIY Stars and Stripes Duct Tape Lawn Chair – Images Via

This is a pure 4th July present, just as you can see you will have to add a stripe of the blue duct tape in the white duct tape section of the chair also, this is perfect and now you know that this duct tape stripes and stars chair was so much easy.