How to Make Duct Tape Super Hero Boots – DIY

Talking about the diy crafts, well the list just goes on and on as there are too many things and crafts that are listed in the several list of the diy crafts. The major thing is now a day’s making these crafts by the help of the duct tape, as the duct tape crafts is now one of the most visible things in the crafts list, they are all over very easy to make , plus the bills that comes from them is a lot affordable also. That makes them to be in use for to many purposes also, as they can fulfill a lot of purposes also.

Well now here as we are talking about the crafts this is about the hero boots that you can use for the kids or also you can use that for the costumes or also for any other clothe party that they will be attending this is actually a lot cheap also, as saving some bucks is almost desired by everyone at all.

The diy duct tape boots or should I say the hero boots are my loved ones as they are totally cute and psus takes very less time to get prepared and goes very little on the budget also.

Here is a tutorial that will help you in the matter of making those boots right on the hand.

Take a look

Duct Tape Super Hero Boots - DIY

Now let us talk about what you will need for this craft.

You will need scissors, plastic paper wraps, and duct tape, the sneakers or shoes will just be sued to have a estimate of the shoe size as this will be worn over the shoes, well is not that great, as I say it is super great.

First of all wrap the leg in the plastic wrap till you require the boots in length to be. As there are so many options that you can go from as the hero boots are well In the looks also, as the super girls, wonder woman and the cat woman also.

Now after you have covered the leg with the plastic wrap, umm one thing is that make sure that you are wearing the sneakers also, as it will be the covering of the main shoes that you are wearing.

Duct Tape Super Hero Boots - DIY 2

The next step of this craft is very easy as you will just have to cover the plastic wrap by the help of the duct tape all over, you can use the color of the duct tape according to the theme of the hero boots that you have chosen.

Like as here.

Duct Tape Super Hero Boots - DIY 3

Now you will just have to make a cut at the back of the plastic boots that you have made, as this will help you in order to be as a cover at the shoes that you are actually wearing. When you are making the big cut just be careful, as the wrong cut can destroy your whole project at all too.

This is the final look of the cover hero boots that you have made by the help of the duct tape.

Duct Tape Super Hero Boots - DIY 4
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Now your hero duct tape boots are ready to wear and you can rock any part and function in them, best of look.

These super hero boots are easy to wear, and they are soft and comfortable too.