Duct Tape Rose Pattern

In the duct tape crafts there are so many choices that you can select from in order to jazz up your anything. The duct tape rose pattern is like the latest on verge thing in the crafts. There are two ways that you can make the duct tape rose pattern, the easy one and the other one is as the same as the easy one but the difference is that you can add two shades of the same color in the rose of yours.

You can use the duct tape rose pattern, as a brooch, a hair accessory or also for your decoration on the stationary things, like as the notebook pencils, pens and pencil pouches.

For making the duct tape rose take a 5 by 5 inch piece of the duct tape, and then fold it one side so you can get the petal of the rose. Make as much petals as you want for your rose. Just know that the inner circle of the rose should have two petals and then you can gradually increase the count of the rose petals for your rose.

For making the rose pattern in two colors makes one petals circle of one color and then gradually move to the darker or the lighter shade of the petals.

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