Easy Duct Tape Flowers

The duct tape crafts can be used to decoder your home or can also be used to be as the accessories of yours. The countless crafts that can be made by the duct tape also includes the easy duct tape flowers, that you can use as the accessory or also to add some extra decoration to your home, the difference is that you will have to increase the size of the flowers if you are willing to make them as the decorations, other than that the small flowers can be used for the accessories.

The easy duct tape flowers can be sued as the broaches, hair accessories and to paste on the books and notebooks of yours also. You can choose to make craft piece of the duct tape flowers by using different colors of the duct tape, and afterwards stick all of those duct tape flowers on the board and then have it framed.

By adding some gems and studs in the duct tape flowers you can increase their beauty all over. You can also use the duct tape to give as a gift to someone you love as the flowers are good way of expressing your love. These flowers can also be attached to the top of the pencils, and pens which will also give a girlish look.

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