Duct Tape Necklace

If you are a girl then you would definitely know the importance of the jewelry in your life as no outfit can ago without the accessories. When you talk about the home made accessories then you can take the help of the duct tape to so many levels as by the help of the duct tape you can create the duct tape necklace, which will look great on you. The other good thing is that you can add the extra detailing on your necklace by your choice also, as there are the duct tape beads and flowers that can be attached to the duct tape necklace also.

The rope of the duct tape can also be used in your necklace as by this you will be able to have the much pretty look of your necklace also. You can try the different color combinations for your necklace or you can make your necklace of only one color also. If you like then in your necklace you can also add the gems and the other kinds of the beads also. Once your necklace is ready that is homemade necklace then you are more than ready to rock in your homemade duct tape necklace.

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