Duct Tape Cape Designs Ideas

There are two ways that you can make the use of the duct tape cape designs ideas, as you can use the cape ideas for yourself or you can also use the cape ideas for yourself and for Lego figures.

The duct tape cape designs ideas can be used if you are going to attend any Halloween or costume party as this will surely turn heads around. On the other hand you can accessorize your dolls and Lego figures with the capes of duct tape also.

All you have to do is take right measurements and afterwards cut out that measurement from the duct tape. For the extra detailing you can use the cut out of the duct tape in the contrasting colors of the color of your cape.

You can add the lines, the zigzag patterns or if you want your cape to be really girly then you can add the flowers and beads to your cape also. You can add the straps to the cape or make it in the way that you wear it through your arms, this will provide more comfort if you are going to be moving a lot while your cape is on you. You can also poke holes and the cut out patterns into your cape that will add the extra detailing into it.

Duct Tape Cape Halloween
Duct Tape Cape Halloween

Duct Tape Cape

Halloweened Duct Tape Cape
Halloween ed Duct Tape Cape

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