Duct Tape Pencil Pouches

This is great! As you can create your own duct tape pencil pouch very easily. All you have to do is just grab some supplies and then start on. First of all make the rough sketch in your mind that how would you like your pencil pouch to be, if you are a girl then you are open to so many options. Being a boy closes your option to other options as surely you cannot add the flowers and the butterflies on your pencil pouch. Still there are some sober ideas that you can adopt for your duct tape pencil pouch, like as adding the straight strips on your duct tape pouch. Try having a plain background for it, and then have pattern strips on it or you can also reverse it.

You can create as much pouches as you want, as the more ideas you will have in your mind, the more you can make them. The zips can be added to the pencil pouch, or you can also use the magic to make a hold of the pencils or other stuff in your pencil pouch. This is also a great gift if you are willing to gift something to someone.

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