Duct Tape Creations

Duct Tape Creations Hang Bag

When you talk about the creation, well for sure now the word of the duct tape creations can surely pop up in your mind, no doubt that by the help of the duct tape you can create countless creation and crafts also. The main objective is that you have to be a little bit creative […]

DIY Duct Tape Bead Bracelet Tutorial

DIY Duct Tape Bead Bracelet Tutorial 7

When we talk about the different crafts that are made by using the different colors and the different patterns of the duct tape some things that come in our mind is that the crafts that are made for the girls. Well this is one of the most common things that so many crafts are actually […]

DIY Halloween Duct Tape Doormat Tutorial

Diy Halloween Duct Tape Doormat 7

Creating different crafts for the Halloween is like a magical thing that all of us want to do and have at one time or at any other, the reason can differ from person to person but the cause cannot as who not loves the spooky look of the Halloween? Well for sure everybody does. Well […]

Duct Tape Baskets

Duct Tape Baskets 9

Creating the different kinds of the crafts by the help of the duct tape is now like the latest trend and fashion, as these carts are not only good for the decorations purpose but are also good if you are willing to use them as a product pr on the other hand you are willing […]

Duct Tape Bandit Ideas

Duct Tape Bandit Cat

Duct tape bandit is actually a person which is actually a robber or something who has covered all of his face by the help of the duct tape that is in the dark grey color. Well hat to say maybe this sounds funny but it has actually became a trend also as this is now […]